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  • Wenzhou Guanhao Glasses Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. It is a professional glasses research and development, innovation, production and sales enterprise with high-tech manufacturing technology and domestic advanced technology level. The company is located in China's glasses production base - Louqiao Industrial Park, Ouhai, Wenzhou City. The new plant covers an area of ​​more than 13,800 square meters and has more than 200 professionals in the fields of glasses research and development, design, production, manufacturing and sales. The company's products are exported to more than 100 countries around the world and more than 1,000 hospital optometry centers in China. Over the years, the company has adhered to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, carried forward the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit, and accumulated a profound cultural heritage. A generation of Guanhao people has also created a glorious history of Guanhao, and the company is developing rapidly in a stable manner.

    Thanks to the excellent R&D and design team and the cooperation and exchanges with world-class eyewear manufacturers, our products have reached the advanced level in the industry not only in appearance design, but also in the application of new technology. At present, the company mainly produces SECG brand children's glasses, TR90 brand reading glasses, Xspice brand youth glasses, etc. Among them, SECG is the company's main brand of children's glasses. This product integrates safety, environmental protection and comfort. Its four English letters not only contain the The unique brand spirit of Safety (safety), Environmental (environmental protection), Comfortable (comfortable), Glasses (glasses), and aims to advocate a correct concept of "wearing glasses comfortably and growing up healthily" for young children.
  • In 2003, Guanhao introduced a mold CNC machining production line; 
    in 2004, it introduced a two-color injection molding machine in the glasses industry; 
    in 2006, it took the lead in launching children's glasses with "double-layer silicone injection molding process", subverting the children's glasses market In 2007, it opened up the international market and developed rapidly; 
    since 2008, the SECG brand of children's glasses has developed rapidly, with a market share of about 15% in the domestic market of high-end children's glasses, and has won the high praise of the chairman of the China Optical Association Cui Yi Recognition and praise; 
    in 2014, in the selection of "2013-2014 China Glasses Billboard" sponsored by "China Optical Technology Magazine", SECG brand stepped onto the highest podium in the glasses industry and won the "Annual Children's Frame Brand";
    2015 Won the "Patent Demonstration Enterprise" 
    in 2018, owning nearly 30 patents, and the SECG brand has registered copyright (copyright refers to the right to use trademarks including all industry categories), more than the world's population in Japan, Russia, the United States, India, etc. More than half of the countries have registered trademark rights; 
    in 2016, the SECG brand once again won the 2015-2016 "Most Influential National Brand" and "Annual Fengyun Children and Youth Glasses Award" two awards. 
    In 2017, SECG brand won honors such as "Ouhai Famous Brand Product", "Ouhai Famous Brand Trademark", "Five Internet Glasses Brands in Wenzhou", "Zhejiang Glasses Industry Famous Brand Product", "China Top 10 Good Glasses" and other honors. The re-recognition of SECG brand is also the result of the hard work of a generation of Guanhao people, and it also confirms the charm and legend of SECG brand itself! In 2018, Guanhao Glasses won the title of "High-tech Enterprise"; 
    in 2019, Guanhao participated in the drafting of the T/ZZB 1101-2019 "Children's Plastic Glasses Frame" Zhejiang Manufacturing Standard, which was approved and released by the Zhejiang Provincial Brand Construction Federation. In 2021, it won the recommended brand of China Optical Association, and only one children's glasses company has won this honor.

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